Texting a Takeout Order to Little Uncle

Tuesdays are tricky. Work starts to really ramp up; the week ahead still looms large. I remember struggling to get out of bed on Tuesdays as a teenager—a spellbinding sleepiness luring me to call in sick to school and then crawl back beneath a comforter festooned with little pink Laura Ashley roses. I rarely did it, but I often wrestled with the desire to do it. These days I'm usually home late on Tuesdays thanks to a weekly evening appointment, and going out feels too splurgy this early in the week. I just want a delicious dinner that I didn't cook, and I want to watch a little Silicon Valley while we eat it.  

Enter Little Uncle. This awesome Thai place started at a stand at a Seattle farmers market, then expanded to a takeout storefront on Madison Avenue E. Recently, it expanded again with the opening of a small sit-down cafe a block up from its original location in a new condo building. The food is universally fantastic, though I think my favorite dish so far is khao soi gai, a mustard-hued, thin and mild curry sauce with tender, stewy chicken and egg noodles. It sounds like comfort food, and it is. But it is comfort food that's light enough to do you right on a warm summer evening—the hallmark of so many delicious Thai dishes. The fact that all you have to do is text Little Uncle your order and the time when you'll pick it up? That's a very nice bonus. I'm immensely grateful to live where I do.